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Bro's 24 Hour Electric provides high quality service and ensures that the customer is satisfied with the work. Disruption to your home and lifestyle is minimal when work is being done. Our electricians will take care to not damage walls, floors, or ceilings when undertaking electrical installation work, unless absolutely necessary. They will also clean up after themselves, leaving your home as clean as when they entered it.

When you choose Bro's 24 Hour Electric for any or all of your home and office electrical installation projects, you will be able to obtain dependable and experienced electricians as well as complete compliance with all regulations in your location. This will mean faster completion, inspection, and use. Our company also undertakes all necessary paper work in relation to electrical remodeling.

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Whether you have suffered electrical problems and require troubleshooting help or want to add new lighting in the kitchen or living room, Bro's 24 Hour Electric ensures that you obtain prompt service. Our electricians also have extensive knowledge about utility company requirements and planning permissions, ensuring that all work done is compliant with local city and state regulations. This means that customers can use the new electrical installations much faster and get on with their lives.