Generator Installation Prescott Valley, AZ : Cost Estimate

Generator Installation Prescott Valley, AZ

Generator InstallationIs your Prescott Valley home ready for a power outage? Losing power is not only frustrating but extremely stressful. We rely on power for our electronics: tv’s, computers, phone chargers, refrigerators, freezers, toasters, ovens, etc.. for some of our heaters and air conditioners, our water heaters and more. Having a backup generator can keep power going — when that power outage hits keeping you in comfort and safe with your lights on. Contact Bro’s 24 Hour Electric for a free estimate for generator installation in Prescott Valley, AZ.

Fixed OR Portable Generator Installation Prescott Valley, AZ

When it comes to fixed (standby generators) and portable generators they both perform the same basic task — providing power, but the differences are far and wide when it comes to cost and to convenience.

Portable Generators
Portable Generator Installation Prescott Valley, ArizonaMost portable generators run on gasoline and but through 10 to 25 gallons per day which depends on the output of the generator in question and the load it is powering. Portable generators produce less power than standby models and tend to be on the noiser side. Portables also need to be wheeled out of storage to be connected to the homes circuit breaker panel when its needed during an outage. Portable generators also must be protected from the weather. These generators generally will not be able to power then entire home. Portable generators are hands down more affordable than standy generators.

Fixed Home Standby Generators
Standby generators are installed in a permanent location outside the home and are insulated with weatherproof housing that keeps them quiet. When the power shuts off to the home, the standy generator will turn on at once, powering everything in the home. These generators also run on natural gas or propane which allows them to operate for days or even weeks on a full home propane tank, or indefinitely when hooked up to natural gas versions. While investing in a standby generator is expensive, if power outages are common in the Prescott Valley, AZ area, then well worth it.

Choosing A Generator To Install

Portable Generator Hookup Prescott Valley, ArizonaAre you shopping around for a generator to install in your Prescott Valley, AZ home? If you are in fact in the market for a generator to install to prepare for extreme weather, or any unforseen event that may come that will shut your lights off, then choosing the right generator is important. Choices are a recreational inverter (up to 2000 watts), a midsized inverter (up to 3500 watts), a larger inverter (up to 7500 watts) or portable or a home standby (up to 20000 watts). Contact Bros 24 Hour Electric for prices to install or hookup your generator so it can power parts or your entire Prescott Valley home. Our generator installers will help you choose the best option for YOU, your home and your needs here in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

Generator Installation Cost Prescott Valley, AZ

Install Generator Prescott Valley, ArizonaGenerator installation, depending on the generator, whether portable or fixed, the size, specs, location, runs, etc.. will all factor into the costs for installation. Generally, costs can be as low as $400 and be as high as $9000. Why the big price gap? Installation is different between portable and fixed generators. Location, runs, it all factors into price. On average, for a general standby generator the cost of installation runs about $4500. Get a cost estimate for generator install in Prescott Valley, AZ — call Bro’s 24 Hour Electric today!

Generator Installers Prescott Valley, Arizona

Are you searching for local generator installers near Prescott Valley, AZ? Bro’s 24 Hour Electric connects you to local electricians in your area who specialize in generator installation and portable generator hookup. For generator install in Prescott Valley, AZ — contact us today.

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