Whole House Fans

Whole house fans will keep you and your home cool at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning. Fans had been supplanted by air conditioners for the past several decades but are now re-surging in popularity. Why? First, they sip electricity while air conditioners guzzle power. Second, the latest generation of fans sport self-sealing insulated shutters that close when the fan’s not operating. (Unless you jury-rig your own cold-weather cap, older units behave just like an open window in the winter.) This auto-insulating feature prevents vast amounts of heat from escaping through the fan when it’s not in use.

Recessed Lights

Sophisticated and functional – there’s no type of lighting that better combines these two ideals than recessed lighting. Recessed lighting – also referred to as can lights, puck lights and high hat lights, is a type of lighting that is installed within a ceiling or wall. While this calls for a few more elements to consider, recessed lighting offers unique possibilities to customize a room’s lighting layout and provide even lighting to important areas of the room that is unlike any other type of lighting. For recessed lighting installation, contact Bro’s 24 Hour Electric.