Landscape Lighting Chickamauga, GA

Illuminate Your Chickamauga Yard With Landscape Lighting

Are you wanting to add landscape lighting in Chickamauga, GA to your home or business? Create a stunning and eye catching landscape that will be sure to please both day and night with Bros 24 Hour Electrical Service. Our outdoor lighting solutions will be awe inspiring and will surely leave your family, friends and guests speechless.

Our electricians will work with you with planning, design and installation of your landscaping lighting. For a free estimate to install landscape lighting in Chickamauga, GA — please get in touch for a free, no obligation quote from local electricians in Chickamauga, Georgia.

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Defining The Purpose For Your Landscape Lighting

Backyard Lighting Chickamauga, GeorgiaPlanning is very essential when choosing the proper landscape lighting for your Chickamauga, GA property. Before you invest in any landscape lighting you need to ask yourself what is the overall purpose that you want the landscape lighting to serve. Are you looking to set a soft romantic mood during evening hours? Or maybe you have a sitting area where a shadowy corner you need to illuminate for security reasons and safety. Do you have a pathway that needs to be illuminated to light the way through a garden and perhaps marking boundaries? Perhaps you just want to highlight certain features in your backyard like a water fountain or pond. Regardless, you’ll want to know the purpose before you consider your overall landscape design.

When you’re ready to plan your landscape lighting Chickamauga, GA project, call Bro’s 24 Hour Electric for top-rated service.

Sketch Out The Yard

Once you’ve deciding on the purpose for adding Chickamauga landscape lighting you’ll be ready to sketch your yard. Include any existing lighting buildings trees bushes shrubbery benches as well as any other decorations are features you have in your yard. Keep in mind that different items such as fountains or statues may reflect light while others may tend to absorb it such as shrubs or other foliage and vegetation.


It is always important to estimate the height of each object you want to illuminate such as trees and other plant life you want to illuminate making sure the lighting will cover the area you are looking for it to cover. Get help with your landscape lighting job in Chickamauga, GA — contact us.

Decide Where Landscape Lighting Should Go

Entry Landscape Lighting Chickamauga, GAMatch the reason for lighting to specific locations in your backyard. A pathway may require several short stake lights along its border on one side or both sides whereas beside a bench  you might want to have a pole type lamp place behind it shinning down. A soft mood can be achieved by hiding landscape lighting beneath shrubs and bushes. Water fountains, statues and trees can be enhanced with a spotlight for up lighting. And ponds can have soft lighting around their perimeter or even submerged within the water. It’s important that you decide where all the lighting will go, before moving on.

Contact Bro’s 24 Hour Electric when you need help with the design and deciding where landscape lighting in Chickamauga, GA should go.

Determine How Much Effort You Want To Expend

Deck Lighting Chickamauga, GASome projects that are really expensive and require a great amount of effort to install, for instance, a 120 V lighting system may require skilled licensed electricians in Chickamauga, GA to install these electrical components and make sure things are up to code. Wiring for these type of outdoor landscaping lights require them to be buried at a depth of 18 inches and in case in conduit to protect them from water.

Low-voltage landscape lighting for your yard may only need a few outdoor receptacles in transformers we can install these receptacles in easy accessible places. Transformers convert the 120 coming from your household line to a usable 12 V operating system for the lights.