Electrician Brodhead, Wisconsin : Repair, Install

Electrical Outlet Repair Brodhead, WIAre you currently experiencing an electrical issue and are in need of an electrician in Brodhead, WI? Or maybe you need a different service like: new electrical for a room addition or an electrical panel upgrade. Regardless of your electrical needs, Bro’s 24 Hour Electric is here for you providing essential electrical services in Brodhead, Wisconsin.

For many customers looking for an electrician in Brodhead, WI — they may find the task difficult. Sometimes, simply waiting for a response is a task, other times you may hear your job is too small. With Bro’s 24 Hour Electric no job is too small, we have a  qualified, reliable electrician for every job.

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Electrical Repair Brodhead, WI

Ceiling Fan Replacement Brodhead WisconsinOutdoor Lighting Brodhead WIBro’s 24 Hour Electric aims to be your trusted electrician in the Brodhead WI area. Our partnered electricians believe in providing each customer with honesty, integrity, and the respect that they deserve. We pride ourselves on being punctual, professional and at the same time providing exceptional customer service.

Flickering lights? Need to fix faulty wiring? Breaker keep tripping? Do you have a broken outlet? Need security lighting installed? We’re here for you! Call one of our emergency Brodhead 24 hour electricians at 1-855-661-3672.

Brodhead Electrical Services We Offer

Recessed Lighting Installation Brodhead WIHere at Bro’s 24 Hour Electric, our goal is to provide our customers with essential electrical services round the clock. In the event of an emergency, many of us find how electric — is essential to our lives whether in a business or home setting.

Thermostat Replacement Brodhead WI

Some electrical services our electricians in Brodhead, WI provide are: rewiring Brodhead homes, house surge protection, electrical panel replacement, smoke detectors, electrical safety inspections, LED lighting, recessed lighting, GFCI installation, backup generators, thermostat replacement Brodhead WI, ceiling fan installations and outdoor lighting. If you need an electrician in Brodhead, Wisconsin — please contact us.

Certified Electrician Brodhead, Wisconsin

Whole House Fan Install Brodhead WisconsinWhen it comes to your home or businesses electrical systems — it’s best to leave the installations and repairs to a certified electrician in Brodhead, WI. The electrician will ensure that your electrical system meets all safety codes in Brodhead, WI.

Electrical Safety Tips:

  1. Do not overload an electrical outlet!
  2. Remove cords from a socket by grabbing the plug directly. (Do not tug on cords to remove them — this can lead to fraying which in turn can lead to electrical shock.)
  3. Use the recommended wattage bulb in lamps and light fixtures.
  4. Avoid using electrical appliances or electronics in wet places. (DO NOT have your phone while plugged in sitting on the edge of your bath!)